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This page provides links to some of our video content from Fastback Studios. Our sessions, gear talks, demos, and interviews will be updated regularly.

-The Fastback Sessions-

The Fastback Sessions is a monthly series which includes a live recorded studio performance, interviews with the bands, and tech talks with the engineers behind the scenes. Take a look at some of our recent sessions and check back regularly for updates.

Session One: Cloud Person
Session Two: Kye Alfred Hillig
Session Three: & Yet
Session Four: Daniel G. Harmann
Session Five: Bradford Loomis
Session Six: The Ramblin Years
Session Seven: The Breaking Yard
Session Eight: Jess Lambert
Session Nine: Nick Foster
Session Ten: Courtney Marie Andrews
Session Eleven: EXHOXO

-The Fastback Sessions Tech Talks-

Engineer Jason Lackie walks you through behind the scenes of The Fastback Sessions set up. Describing the different techniques, and equipment used from each one of the sessions while also talking about the applications for each, and the unique situations we encounter.

Session One: Cloud Person
Session Two: Kye Alfred Hillig
Session Three: & Yet
Session Four: Daniel G. Harmon Crane Song Preamp
Tech Talk with Matt Blair from American Music

-Artist & Gear Demos-

Take a look at some of our artist demos here at Fastback. Watch as some big names in the music scene talk about, and demo some of our Fastback gear.

Mike McCready from Pearl Jam
Jeff Loomis playing at Fastback Studios
Jeff Rouse signature Fastback Guitar


Interviews are a great way to get informed about anything, especially recording. In these video segments we offer a wide array of information, techniques, philosophy, and methodology for the recording enthusiast.

Gear Addicts Episode 5 – Home Recording (Part 1)
Gear Addicts Episode 5- Home Recording (Part 2)
Gear Addicts - Fastback Sessions Signal Chain Walkthrough

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