Mark Naron

Director of Operations 206.920.5438 mark@fastbackstudios.comMark_Naron_Fastback_Studios_Owner

I have been running live sound for over two decades, since 1988. During that time I was also touring the Northwest in several bands. In 1997 I met the future to be, Chief Engineer and Producer Jason Lackie.  After I stopped touring in 2001 I opened a Seattle based record label and blended the label with artist & PR management. In the mid-2000’s I was the Music Director for the Washington Blues Society and from 2003 to present along side Jason, I have been the Owner and Director of Operations of Fastback Studios along with Fastback Guitars and Pickups  since 2010. My goal is to help all artists and labels reach their musical objective by offering the best in historic to modern studio equipment and industry networking resources.

Jason Lackie

Chief Engineer/Producer 206.290.5711  jason@fastbackstudios.comJason Lackie Chief Engineer

My mother says the first time I pulled myself up it was on a box full of records. I remember as a child sitting for hours listening to albums and growing an intense curiosity for music. I started writing songs, singing, and playing instruments (Casio!) at the age of 12. Around 14 I got my first guitar, and by 16  I was programming drums, and recording to my four track for hours and hours every day. I think I bought my first compressor around age 17 with money earned from making scones at the Puyallup fair. As the years passed I played in many bands, did some touring, made a lot more recordings, and eventually fell in love with the art and science of producing music.

I spent many of the years I was playing in bands teaching music lessons, and recording like crazy. Before we had a proper studio, we would set up in basements, garages, churches, auditoriums, gymnasiums, wherever we could. Often the recordings turned out better than expected. I think eventually I just gave in to the idea that I had a knack for the recording and production side of the glass.

Over the last 11 years that I have been working as a professional audio engineer here at Fastback, I have had the opportunity to work with some very talented musicians. Mike McCready, Dave Krusen (Pearl Jam), Reggie Watts (musician/comedian), Ben Smith (Heart), Christian Wargo, Casey Wescott (Poor Moon/Fleet Foxes),       

Mitch Edwards

Studio Manager/Engineer 206.367.4667 mitch@fastbackstudios.comMitch Edwards Studio Manager

I’ve played guitar in many bands over the last 15 years, touring up and down the west coast. I have been running live sound, and recording audio for almost 10. Though originally from California, I moved to the Seattle area with a good friend and bandmate in 2004 for one reason, music. After a while of searching for a group we started playing shows around Washington and Oregon. Realizing that if we were going to go any further we had to record an album. Shortly after we made our way to Fastback.

It is here where I had the great pleasure of meeting Jason and Mark. We recorded a 5 song album, during which time I heard about the Fastback audio course. I decided that I would take the first step in what would be a growing relationship with the Fastback crew. Though in it’s early stages, the course was a well rounded fundamental education in recording audio, and it convinced me to seek even more knowledge and education. I returned to Fastback in 2011 as an intern and shortly after finished college with a degree in audio production. It was decided that the studio needed a manager, and after a bit a word-smithing I was accepted for the position. Also, as one of the engineers, I take my years of musical performance and experience behind the desk as well; treating each project as a unique experience that takes on a life of it’s own. It is an honor to be a part of the Fastback family. Mark, Jason, and the entire crew have always been extremely gracious with their knowledge and their time.

Jon Rook

Audio Engineer/Producer
jon@fastbackstudios.comJon Rook Producer/Engineer

After bouncing around studios as a Freelance engineer, Jon found his home at Fastback in the spring of 2010. An integral part of the Fastback operation, Jon is constantly striving for the perfect tones, and with 10+ years as a local and touring musician, and 6+ years as an audio professional, he has a fair number of albums under his belt. His credits spanning across all genres, and including Xbox titles such as Halo 4 and Forza. Jon has a vision for each project and a passion to craft a sound unique to each of his clients. His laid back and low-key approach to recording is conducive to facilitating creativity with the client’s talent coming out naturally, recorded and mixed to the best possible quality.

Alex Rousso

Audio Engineer
alex@fastbackstudios.comAlex Rousso Audio Engineer

Alex arrived at Fastback Studios in the summer of 2012 after spending most of his life living in England. It was there in northern England where he got his fist taste of the music industry by both recording and playing with bands in music scene hotspots such as Manchester and London. After graduating with a Masters in music production from Leeds University, he relocated to Seattle and has been an asset to the Seattle music scene ever since. As well as working in live sound industry at local venue, The Crocodile, he and Mitch work together to manage the Studio B here at Fastback.

Trevor Boone

Audio Engineer/Producer 206.367.4667 trevor@fastbackstudios.comTrevor Boone Audio Engineer and Producer

Trevor has been deeply involved in music his entire life, engaging in many different aspects of the business. Working one on one with musicians of all kinds as a specialist at his father’s guitar store taught him not only equipment knowledge, but what it takes to become successful in the industry. His love for music as a whole led to his extreme passion for recording. Whether it was session work, teaching, or performing in bands his main interest was in the recording/production process. Several classes, as well as working with producers such as John Raymond (Guitarist for Kenny G/Accomplished engineer and producer), Roger Smith (Tower of Power/Jazz Rocco) have provided Trevor with the ability and experience to go far in the industry.

Steve Palermo

Mastering & Audio Engineer

Steve is Fastback Studio’s audio guru, always finding that special piece of gear for our client’s needs. Writing and performing since the age of twelve, Steve’s equipment expertise led him into building custom guitar and bass rigs for The Cure, Bryan Adams, Journey and many other national acts. Steve has extensive experience in recording, mixing, and mastering while being comfortable in both analog and DAW-based studios. For over 25 years he has been importing and exporting vintage studio equipment, and his collection of classic gear and microphones is extensive. Steve also brings years of experience with live sound and lighting installations, and he has even operated a rental division geared to the theatrical market.

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