Applying For An Internship

Thanks for your interest in interning at Fastback Studios. Over the years we have had a few successful interns that have gone on to make a career in the audio world. We have had many, many people send emails, call, and show up to drop off resumes in all of the wrong ways. This page exists to help you avoid being one of the many who have been unsuccessful at winning our attention. It has been created to help us weed out the time vampires so that we can be more efficient, thereby freeing up more time and energy for our paying clients. We sincerely hope that you take it in the spirit of which it was written which is to help you. If you are offended or put off by this information, then you should probably just move on, best of luck.

We receive many more inquiries than we have time to respond to, so we have created this guide to help sort out potentials. Please read all of it, including any provided links before proceeding. Please take note, if it is evident from your email that you did not take the time to read through all of the material, and apply it to the best of your ability, it is very unlikely you will get a response. Please do not call the studio or the staff, and absolutely DO NOT show up at our door unannounced. Interviews are available by appointment only.

Reasons Why Your Email Won’t Get Read

A Word From Producer Ken Lewis

Interview Tips #1

Interview Tips #2

What we are looking for is someone who:

  1. Has an almost obsessive attention to detail
  2. Is reliable and punctual
  3. Listens more than they talk, but asks questions when the time is right
  4. Can take direction, as well as criticism
  5. Does not take things personally when corrected
  6. Can conduct themselves in a professional manner and, as a part of our team, represent us well
  7. Is comfortable working with people, and has good personal hygiene
  8. Is looking to work with us specifically and has not just picked us at random to complete a requirement for school
  9. Is available
  10. Has transportation to run errands. (If you don’t qualify in this category, you must be exceptional in all others)
  11. Is willing to work harder than everybody else
  12. Cleans and organizes well
  13. Is attentive and enthusiastic while being simultaneously inconspicuous
  14. Is able to make a great cup of coffee
  15. If you laughed at the previous point, read it again with a straight face because there is no higher task than serving the people around you.
  16. Is Trustworthy
  17. Can follow directions down to the smallest (seemingly insignifigant) detail.


Due to the high volume of emails we receive, you may not hear back right away. If you wait 1-2 weeks and do not get a reply, please email again, however, DO NOT just re-send your previous email.  Many times otherwise good candidates go unnoticed because they catch us at a busy time and we do not respond right away. Do not give up, keep in touch, follow all of the above guidelines and you will eventually get a response.

Please send a (1 page) résumé, (brief) cover letter, personal and professional references (min 2 each) to: addressed to Jason Lackie

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