Interested in taking your audio skills to the next level? Take the Fastback Audio Course!

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Since 2006 we have been teaching audio courses here at Fastback Studios. One of our goals has always been to “pass the baton” to the next generation of audio engineers. Designed by Producer / Engineer Jason Lackie and taught by working professionals, this course will benefit anyone wanting to hone their audio skills. 

  • Learn in a working recording studio  
  • Apply what you are learning in your textbooks
  • Personalised, hands on learning
  • Assist with real recording sessions
  • Learn new technology, while using classic analog gear

Below is an outline of what we teach in this course. Everyone learns a little differently and at a different pace, so we can adjust the course to fit your individual needs. If you are currently enrolled in an audio program somewhere else ask about a special discount! We have had many students combine this course with a college program to get the best of both worlds. Please come and take a tour of our studio, and if you have any questions ask at:

Segment A – Audio Basics
The Science Of Sound
Intro To Acoustics
Analog Recording
Digital Recording
Cables and Connectors
Signal Path
MIDI Basics
Ear Training 101

Segment B. – Tools of the trade
Microphones 101
Monitors and Loudspeakers
Metering and Calibration
Compressors and Limiters
Gates and Expanders
Reverbs and Delays

Segment C. – Tracking Basics
Microphones 201
Acoustic Guitar and Percussion
Electric Guitar and Bass
Synths and Sequencers
Stereo Miking Technique
Piano and Analog Keyboards
Drums 101

Segment D – Advance tracking
Punching In
Editing 101
Headphone Mixes
Setting Up Multiple Rooms
Running a session
Full Band Tracking ( weeks 7 and 8 )

Segment E – Musical Mixing
Ear Training 201
Preparing To Mix
Editing 201
Balancing Dynamics Pt. 1
Balancing Frequencies
Adding Effects
Balancing Dynamics Pt. 2
Preparing For Mastering



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