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RCA 77DX release date 1954-1973. The RCA Type 77-D Poly-Directional microphones MI-4045-F (Release date 1945) and MI-11006-C are high-fidelity micro­phones of the ribbon type which may easily be adjusted to obtain a variety of directional patterns. SPL: 144 to 150 dB ( Fastback Studios ~ Seattle, Wash. )

Coles 4040

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Coles 4040 release date 2003. The 4040 is a passive ribbon mic with an internal shock mount. It shares many of the characteristics of its older sibling the 4038, such as a uniform figure-8 polar pattern (both front-and-back and top-and-bottom), while offering updated construction techniques and an extended frequency range. SPL: 125 dB ( Fastback Studios ~ Seattle, Wash. )

Coles 4038

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Coles 4038 release date 1956. The Coles 4038 is a classic studio ribbon microphone designed by the BBC and originally manufactured by STC. Coles, the outsourced manufacturer, bought the rights to the STC microphone line in 1974. Some Beatles and Led Zeppelin recordings featured 4038s as overhead microphones on the drum kit. SPL: 125 dB ( Fastback Studios ~ Seattle, Wash. )

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