API Console

At the heart of Fastback Studios is our custom api 7600 analog console. It is compiled of 16 api 7600 modules all controlled and summed together by the api 7800 Master Module. These modules have the highest fidelity microphone preamps, EQ, and compression. Each 7600 module contains the legendary api components that have been a crucial part of musical history since the 1960’s. when api co-founder and engineer, Saul Walker, designed the first 12 channel mixing console used on many of Frank Zappa’s most acclaimed recordings. api has continued since then to be the first choice for many of the recording industries top professionals and has been used to capture some of the most legendary music created in the past 40 years.

Our api console is truly one of a kind. It was assembled by us in house, giving us control over its layout in order to meet the needs of a modern recording studio. The api 7600 unit is a unique and extremely versatile piece of gear. It was designed to function as a stand alone rack unit, but also have the capability to be combined with multiple 7600 modules to form a console. The 7600’s are all routed through the api 7800 Master Module which makes use of the pan, solo, sends and the 4 bus assigns for full console functionality.


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