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Fastback Studios is a 3,000 square foot Seattle recording studio that offers recording, mixing, mastering, and music production services. Tucked away in a quiet residential neighborhood of North Seattle, Fastback has been serving national and regional artists, for both independent, and major labels for the last ten years. The studio is made up of a large acoustically balanced live room with vaulted ceilings, three integrated isolation booths, acoustically isolated control room, and a dedicated mastering lab. There is also a lounge with cable and basic amenities. Fastback also provides audio education courses for those looking to learn more about audio and recording.

api console

Fastback Studios is packed with a diverse array of both vintage and modern audio recording gear. Depending on the needs of the artist, there is usually a good mix of both on any given session. We can record and mix to tape, Pro tools, or a hybrid of both. We regularly record a wide range of musical styles and can accommodate large groups, bands, or solo acts. Over the years we have recorded Rock, Blues, Country, Americana, Folk, Hip-Hop, Metal, Opera, Classical, Latin, Jazz, A capella, Bluegrass, Rockabilly, and we are comfortable crossing musical borders and working with new styles. We can record you live, all in one room with no headphones, or with isolation and individual monitor mixes.

Studio Update:

The Fastback crew is currently putting together a 16 channel custom api console! The modules are made up of the the api 7600’s, vertically oriented with faders and a meter bridge. There is a 7800 master module that sums all of the channels together. This allows soloing, bussing, aux sends, mute groups, and the infamous api legacy sound customized for the Fastback space and our hybrid workflow. The console will boast a 212L pre, 225L compressor, and 550A EQ on each channel. This beast will be like a 1604 on steroids! Complementing the monitoring/summing section will be the Chandler Mini Mixer/Summing amp. This is an all discrete unit based on the EMI TG12345 console. Mounted alongside the all discrete api console will be the new Avid S6 digital console surface for quick control of ProTools. Click on the image above to go to the console page for a more detailed overview.



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